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Borker Transmission Service,Inc. specializes in transmission repair and serves Hudson County, Essex County, Staten Island, New York and all surrounding areas.


Borker Transmission Service,Inc. has provided the people of Bayonne and Hudson County with quality transmission and drivetrain repair since "1946".With today's complex automobile electronics a vehicle needing a minor repair such as a defective electronic sensor can give the same drivability problem as a transmisison needing a rebuild.


Borker Transmission Service,Inc. is not a Transmission Supermarket or Wholesaler where every vehicle gets a rebuilt transmission whether it is needed or not. Your vehicle will receive a complete diagnosis to determine if the problem is a sensor outside of the transmission or an internal problem requiring your transmission to be removed from the vehicle.



If removal of the transmission is required, the transmission will be disassembled and then evaluated by an ASE Certified Transmission Technician. At this time it will be determined whether the transmission needs a partial repair or a major overhaul.



**Always keep in mind** 

"Proper diagnosis of your transmission

is the first step of a repair." 



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